Qanto – More Space to “Rise” in Floor Cupboards
An extendible storage space solution with a linear drive is a true eye-catcher of modern interior design

Bad Salzuflen - Pordenone (Italy)

At its booth A17 in Hall 2 of this year’s Sicam trade fair in Podenone, Italy, Ninkaplast GmbH (Bad Salzuflen, Germany) is exhibiting its impressive “Qanto” storage space system – a completely preassembled floor cupboard designed as a plug-and-play solution, from whose interior up to three versatile trays can be extended or retracted by linear drive.

This innovative floor cupboard solution is completely preassembled. The adjacent cupboards in cabinet run or corner form and the respective worktop solution are also provided by the manufacturer.

Intended for the kitchen, but applicable for a variety of interior design ideas

With its rising lifting system, Qanto is a true eye-catcher for staging the kitchen as a living space and beyond. The Ninka floor cupboard solution is equipped with two or three vertically extendible and/or retractable trays. The upper tray, which is flush with the worktop when retracted, can be equipped with a wooden board or provide space for a “little urban garden” with kitchen herbs.

The trays below offer space for organising and storage that cannot be accessed until they are extended. Kitchen appliances, knife blocks, fondue or raclette sets find a place of their own, whilst glasses, carafes, a small tap dispenser, a “miniature wine cellar,” a humidor and even a Hi-Fi system can also be stored here in a protected manner.

All trays are manufactured from high-quality, easy-to-clean ABS. The surfaces of the trays are matt and grained for stability. The upper top surfaces around the perimeter of the tray have a transparent crown made of PMMA (acrylic), which gives the trays an appearance reminiscent of valuable crystal. The inner usable areas are illuminated by integrated LED luminaires.

Feature for sense and sensibility: intuitive operation, perfect ergonomics

A press of the built-in switch is all that is needed to raise or lower the Qanto trays. It has never been so easy, safe and modern to access items stored in a cupboard. Ninka uses a linear drive to ensure the tray is raised and lowered in a stable manner without jolting. Reliable safety has top priority: Any hand that gets in the way is detected and the column movement stops immediately.

Qanto is also future-looking by enabling an ergonomically correct working posture that goes easy on the back. Even when heavy objects are being moved, punctual overloads of the human skeletal system are prevented simply by moving the respective tray with the stored item to the working height.

Fascinating details, perfect design

Demands on kitchens and living spaces have changed enormously in the past few years. High design standards are as much of a be-all and end-all as exceptional functionality: high operating comfort, well-organised storage areas, ergonomic requirements, top-level technology and maximum safety.

Since these customer desires are fulfilled, the product development of Qanto from Ninka hits the mark, finding excited buyers all over. Not to mention – it conforms to the spirit of the age, combining modernity with simplicity, freedom, sustainability and the joy of discovery!

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