The Perfect Quartet for the Kitchen
Flexbox, Sidebox, Cuisioflex and Easyflex from Ninka: four smart organisation systems from a single source

Bad Salzuflen (Germany) - Pordenone (Italy)

To capture customer hearts, organisation systems must be well designed, easy to use, adaptable, sensible, useful and long-lasting. They can be found not only in kitchens and bathrooms, but also in children’s bedrooms or hobby rooms – wherever a division of space, separation and good overview are desired. Plastics processing company Ninkaplast GmbH (Bad Salzuflen, Germany) understands this situation and is therefore considered to be one of the specialists for organisation systems.

Order and a clear overview are deep-seated human needs. Organisation systems are therefore used wherever individual parts or certain goods are collected or separated. In modern kitchens, such systems are in demand not only for drawers and pull-outs, but also for the storage of cleaning agents and utensils or waste sorting.

Safekeeping and transport of stored items

“flexBox,” which was presented to an expert audience at “Sicam” for the first time, is primarily designed for use together with waste bins. It should offer otherwise loosely stored items a stable, reliable framework and/or prevent waste and spills in liquid containers, such as cleaning agent bottles. One great advantage is that Flexbox and its contents can be easily removed from the floor cupboard and transported wherever needed.

The storage space system is available in widths 100 mm and 200 mm and a length adapted to a drawer depth of 500 mm. Flexbox is provided as a single unit, i.e., preassembled as a complete system. With dark-grey plastic side pieces and stainless-steel-anodised aluminium connecting parts, its appearance is discreetly elegant. With this design, it is also excellently suitable for use as a solitary organisation element in the kitchen, bathroom or utility room.

Organisation on the sides of pull-outs

Sidebox from Ninka is a thoroughly designed feature for upgrading previous unused or unorganised storage areas on sink cupboard pull-outs, ideally optimising storage space in modern, user-friendly kitchens. As a side organisation element, it is adapted to the design of the respective drawer system used. It is available in an aluminium or dark-grey design.

Sidebox is easy to assemble and quickly ready for use. Assembly is limited to easy insertion into pull-outs without drilling, bolting or using tools. Sidebox allows for substantial design flexibility: One-sided use makes sense for cupboard widths as of 600 mm, as well as double-sided use on the left and right of the waste bins for cupboard widths from 900 mm.

In addition to the combination with the Ninka “eins2vier,” Sidbox is compatible with the “eins2top” accessory system. Use in classic cleaning cupboards, i.e., independently of sinks and waste separation systems, is also possible; here, Sidebox is available as a solitary solution. In each case, the drawer depth should amount to 500 mm.

Giving stored items a flexible framework

Also available as a solitary solution, the Cuisioflex frame keeps order both inside drawers and on worktops or desktops. The drawer side independent subdivision system can be used freely and flexibly, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. And that is the way it should be: The type, amount and volume of the stored items are constantly changing day to day and consequently the size and cross-sections of the required separating systems are changing as well.

Cuisioflex can be modified quickly with a simple press of a finger – the two-dimensionally telescopic, adjustable frame permits many possible uses independent of width and depth. Several click-stop points ensure precise dimensions, while anti-slip bases on the bottom guarantee stability.

The design of Cuisioflex is simple, classy and timeless. The frames are available in various harmonically coordinated colours whilst combining matt corner sections with translucent middle sections. The usual commercially available set has two, three or four frames, as desired by the customer.

Easily sortable drawer contents

A similar solution with a related name is Easyflex, an organisation element designed for pull-outs. Four side parts can be connected easily using simple plug connectors. With just slight finger pressure and no tools, the organisation frame can be adjusted two-dimensionally in an infinitely variable manner to the preferred type of organisation from an edge dimension of 234 mm to 333 mm.

Anti-slip bases are also mandatory for this Ninka product. An overall height of 118 mm thus results. The transport-friendly packaging also earns special mention: The compact packaging dimensions of 245 x 130 x 50 mm allow extremely space-saving storage and affordable logistics.

All organisation systems from Ninka have one thing in common: They mainly consist of plastic, a timeless material with a wide variety of advantages. Upgradable in a functionally intelligent and extraordinarily versatile manner due to the addition of colour pigments, dirt proof and easy-to-clean, hygienic, stable, resistant to scratches and shocks – all these properties turn thermoplastic organisation elements into indispensable, coveted aids.

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