“taska” does the job: Waste collection stylish!
New Ninka plastic recycling bag at Sicam Pordenone 2023 fair

Bad Salzuflen (Germany)

Waste paper in the blue bin, plastic waste in the yellow bin, residual waste in the grey bin, organic waste in the compost bin or temporarily stored in the "bioBin": Sorting waste sounds simple. It is – provided a good waste collection system like Ninka's is installed in the kitchen. But what about glass: empty wine, champagne and juice bottles, what about empty vegetable jars? This is exactly what the product developers at Ninkaplast (Bad Salzuflen, Germany) have been thinking about – and presenting the 'taska' recycling bag.

“taska” can do so much more than just store waste – it is also chic and colourful. It can also be used to hold waste paper (instead of glass), for shopping, to carry sun cream and cosmetics to the beach, to store firewood for the day, to keep the children's toys organised...

The list could go on and on, but it underlines the almost infinite range of applications for the new products on show at Sicam in Pordenone (Italy). The key points: "taska" is made entirely of recyclable polypropylene and is completely leak-proof for liquids or tiny particles, easy to clean, flexible all round, large capacity, lightweight, timelessly modern in design and available in many eye-catching colours. The two carrying handles can be raised or lowered with the flick of a finger.

The idea for the new concept came from the Waste Collection Systems product area, as described in the introduction. A temporary storage and transport option was needed for those recyclables that were not (or could not be) collected in the normal Ninka waste collection bins. "taska" now offers the perfectly designed solution: The plastic recycling bag is placed in a drawer with a width of more than 600 mm next to the other waste bins and is placed on a non-slip mat. Its height, with the handles folded in, is exactly the same as “one2four” bin range.

In other words: Ninka kitchen accessories look as if they have been “cast from one mould” when the base unit doors are opened. But then again...: “taska" is so stylish and elegant that it is too good to hide! So it's safe to assume that this colourful newcomer from Bad Salzuflen will soon be found in many homes and will be welcome everywhere...

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